Tigers shake off Lions in superb top-of-table clash

GLASGOW Tigers shook off a determined Leicester Lions team to take a huge win in a superb top-of-the-table clash at Ashfield.

The home team led from early on but the visitors gradually chipped away at the deficit and cut it to just three points with three races to go.

But a brilliant performance from Rasmus Jensen, and another imperious showing from Craig Cook, made sure all the points stayed in Scotland.

The highlight was an incredible heat 15 where Cook hunted down and passed Leicester’s Ryan Douglas before Jensen and Harris crossed the finish line almost in sync – with referee Jim McGregor handing third place to the home rider.

The Tigers are now within four league points of Leicester in the SGB Championship with four meetings in hand.

The sides clash again at the home of the Lions tomorrow night.

Watch manager Cami Brown react to an excellent night of action in our video HERE.