It’s signing number one for 2020

We are delighted to announce American, Broc Nicol as our first signing for the 2020 season.

Team manager Cami Brown was delighted to get the deal done, following tough competition:

“Broc was probably one of the most in-demand riders in the league, we knew there was a host of teams looking to sign him, so we had to act fast to try and get him on board.

“He’s a young guy with fantastic potential and a very bright future ahead of him.

“From the GP Qualifier that he raced at here in June you could tell he had something special about him.

“To go up against some of the best in the world and riders with lots of experience and finish so close to qualifying at his age was incredible.

“He’s a great guy who’s really determined to succeed and that’s the kind of rider we want here, someone who never gives up.”


Broc himself revealed his happiness at signing for the Tigers for 2020:

“It’s always a track I’ve enjoyed coming to, the fans have always been really good and really into their speedway, I’m really glad to have this as my home track now.

“I think it’s great how they run their programme, they make it a show, the fans travel and everyone’s really into it so yeah, it’s good to be part of the Glasgow Tigers.

“My goals this season are to increase my average and to get the team to the final and bring home the gold. I’m looking forward to being a part of it and helping out to reach that top goal.”

Broc also discussed his GP Qualifier efforts as he came within a few points of reaching the GP Challenge final round:

“It was a great opportunity to step in for the GP Qualifier, I was happy when I found out it was going to be here because it’s a track I enjoy.

“I finished just a few points of qualifying for the final round, it was a great opportunity and I learned a lot that day, hopefully next season I can get that opportunity again and I can go one step further and qualify for the next round.

Broc revealed that he has American speedway star Greg Hancock to thank and to look up to:

“Greg’s helped me quite a bit over the years, he’s definitely one of the reasons that I’m here today.

“It’s great to have someone like him, an American, to look up to and hopefully I can keep working to be like him one day”.


Broc joins as Tigers first signing on an CMA (Calculated Match Average) of 5.16, welcome to Glasgow, Broc!