Paul Starke

  • Name Paul Starke
  • Date of Birth 18/11/90
  • Age 27
  • Hometown Hereford, England

  • Man of many clubs, Paul makes Glasgow his 12th club since he made his debut with Buxton in 2007 . Like team mate Harris, he has won the league at all three levels, with Dudley/Cradley, Poole and Somerset, all his wins coming in successive years between 2013 and 2016. He of course was part of the Somerset side which proved to be a problem for Glasgow in 2016, winning the League Cup Final at our expense.

    His 2017 season was mixed, he started the season at Somerset in the top league, lost his team place there before joining Poole, whilst in the Championship for Peterborough he raced to a 6.63 average and also helped them win the fours and KOC. Starts the season riding for only Glasgow.
    Rode 2 matches for the Tigers in our League Championship season in 2011.