#MusicMonday with Connor Bailey

We caught up with Tigers’ teen sensation, reserve Connor Bailey to chat about his favourite songs of all time and the reasoning behind them.

“I would say definitely music had a great impact on my life, it’s always on when I am working on bikes, travelling to meetings, doing schoolwork and sometimes even right before/while I’m asleep.”

“Most of my inspirations come from the type of artists that promote the message that anything can be overcome, and that no matter what adversity you face, there is always a way to rise above it and be the best. I don’t really follow a genre, but more just music that sounds good in my ear!”

NB some lyrics may be unsuitable for children and may require parental guidance.

You can listen to all his favourite songs in our created Spotify playlist here.

Connor’s top songs:

Smashmouth – All Star

“I like this one as it describes the thought process most people go through when they are deciding on whether or not they should make a dramatic change in their life. I enjoy the way it has an uplifting, encouraging tone.”

Redbone – Come and Get Your Love

“This is a relatively old song which I enjoy, I specifically like it because of it’s age, and around the time it was made/by whom.”

Bryce Vine – Sour Patch Kids (Explicit)

“This song is a lighthearted song about overcoming your worries, or anything that is holding you back, and achieving what you can.”

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

“I think a tone is starting to present itself, in that the majority of my favourite songs are about not worrying (joy). I reckon I listen to this type of music to relax myself before jumping on a speedway bike and racing as hard as I do.”

Watsky – Seizure Boy

“Seizure boy is a song, which like many others by Watsky are about a protagonist who suffers from Epilepsy. It follows the theme that no matter what holds you back, there is a way to overcome it.”

The Herd, John Schumann – I Was Only 19

“This is a somewhat emotional song about the Australian soldiers marching off to Vietnam. I enjoy it as it gives us somewhat of an insight into what them soldiers must have been feeling at the current time.”

John Williamson – Home Among the Gumtrees

“Home Among the Gumtrees is a song I hold dear because it helps me remember Australia while I am in the UK. If I am feeling homesick, it is like a window into my home, and helps relax me”

Sashamon – Necta (Butterfly)

“Necta is another song which helps relax me, it isn’t about anything heavy, but has a calming tone. The song itself reminds me of Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Drapht – Jimmy Recard (Explicit)

“I enjoy Jimmy Recard because the writer uses the name ‘Jimmy Recard’ as a metaphor for disadvantage. Throughout the song, the protagonist overcomes his name, and therefore his disadvantage.”

ACDC – Thunderstruck

“I hold this song in high regard because many years ago when I was a junior, I chose it as my themesong. Since then, I have walked out into the ring to my first Muay Thai fight, and even heard it around Ashfield stadium when I win a heat.”

You can listen to all his favourite songs in our created Spotify playlist here.